Heads Up – “Not Just Another Blog”

It’s becoming more common nowadays to find that our news feeds and inboxes are full of blogs, articles, tips or ‘growth hacks’ often titled something along the lines of “10 things you must do…” or ‘10 mistakes that cause your social media to fail’. But how many of these articles are actually relevant to you, your business, or your audience?

The questions we want to pose are – What’s right for you? What’s right for your audience? And is it going to add value?

We’re taking blogs back to basics – well sort of. We’ve decided to create our own blog, but with a difference. Rather than overloading you with daily ‘top 10 dos and don’ts’ lists and generic information regarding social media that can be found anywhere online, we have created a 52 week plan with one new blog every week that will help you tailor the tools available to your business and not try to fit your business to the tools.

Starting in July we will release one ‘Heads Up’ blog every week, designed to not only be informative and engaging, but also to help you ask the questions that will drive your business forwards and get you focusing on the right tools and the right aspects for your brand.

So we have chosen a range of subjects from social media to branding and marketing and will be using the feedback to direct the course of our Heads Up blogs – this way you’ll get the best experience from reading our blogs and can focus on what’s really important to you.

We aim to touch on important subjects and keep them relevant to you, no matter your knowledge on the subject – we just want something casual and straight to the point so you can read it anywhere.

Next week we thought it would be a good idea to start with Social Media – Whats Right for You? and will be looking at the platforms, how they are being used and by who. We will announce the next Heads Up at the end of each issue to give you something to look forward to and we hope that if there’s anything you would like us to touch upon you will let us know.