A start-up business providing project management and fit-out solutions to the UK construction industry.


The Challenge

3SIXTY were a new consultancy business launching in the construction industry.  Previously working for the biggest firms in the fit out business, every member of the new 3Sixty team had already established a reputation as the best project managers in the field of construction management.  Now as a new venture, they asked Creative Heads Team to position 3SIXTY in the industry as a serious new player and create a brand built on the staunch character and well-founded reputation of its expert and experienced leaders and consultants.


The outcome

We were inspired by 3Sixty’s attention to detail and precision of their work. They explained that they spend their days making sure every millimetre is accurate and every project completed with the best finish possible. We took these ideas to form a strong geometric symbol for their logo using bold colours and solid typography to stand out from the crowd. We used this approach for the web design, email marketing and stationery items so that the brand fit together just as consistently as the finish achieved on their construction projects.