Advertising Campaign for Bright & Bright – The well founded, independent Estate Agents, selling distinctive and individual properties throughout  Kent.


The brief

Creative Heads were tasked with producing an advertising campaign for Bright and Bright. As family run and long established property agency in Kent, for those that knew them, their reputaion was well founded as staunch experts with the best knowledge of the area, selling the finest homes with a personal and tenacious customer dedication.

So when they tasked us with extending their county reach, we knew they deserved to stand out from the crowd and competition

Our solution

For a campaign with impact we excluded ubiquitous houses in the literal sense. We reasoned that every seller/buyer and house is different and that’s how Bright & Bright sell them. To emphasise that ‘personal’ touch, we created the slogan ‘For us it’s personal. We chose birds nesting in their own suitable bird boxes as a device we’d repeat to reinforce the ‘individuality’. For example, to promote their coastal properties, you’ll see we used a seagull living in a lighthouse back drop, ‘From marine residences to fisherman’s cottages and smuggler’s haunts, every house is unique and that is exactly how we sell them’.