A start-up mobile ECU remapping business for the automotive industry.


The Challenge

A start-up business looking to make a name for itself in the emerging field of ECU remapping for the automotive industry.

With a large amount of competitors, Infinity Performance desired to stand above the rest by creating a trustworthy, safe and clean full brand identity (Including stationery, promotional items and a website). Their target market was for petrol-heads looking to improve their power and eco-warriors looking to improve their fuel efficiency. They turned to graphic design…

The Outcome

A brand identity was developed using the themes of racing, speed and dynamic movement. The colours chosen to represent the company were orange to indicate power and blue to indicate sustainability. The brand theme runs throughout the stationery, promotional items and website keeping consistency across all graphic design.

We designed the website to be simple to use, mobile-responsive and sharp. This is fully SEO optimised to ensure anyone searching for remaps in Kent comes across this company.