Reppin & Jones Jewellers Brand and website by Creative Heads

The Challenge

Reppin & Jones Jewellers Brand and website: A Kent based jewellers needed a new and prestigous brand to better represent their well founded reputation for their unique collection of jewellery, friendly expertise and quality of service.

Even though they have a wonderful shop in Kent’s famous seaside town of Whitstable. They also needed a website and online shop to futher their reach.

Reppin and Jones Branded Logo Bag Ring

The Brand

There are a few unique considerations when creating a brand for a jewellery shop that may carry a range spanning from classic to contemporary; the bespoke, on-site crafted pieces to the ubiquitous stocked brands; from exclusive to affordable by many.

Buying jewellery is about feeling and experience. Walking inside under the reputed name in quality serif type it begins. Then with the Reppin and Jones logo alchemically refined to a stylish marque which can be hallmarked, printed on a box and bag – the chosen piece is presented and carried away with the shared love and worth it deserves.

The Website

A website and online store is a golden opportunity considering that jewellery is easy to browse and ship. Small businesses are well placed to take brand advantage online by combining a website that integrates social media, in Reppin and Jones case; Pinterest; Instagram; Twitter; Facebook & blogging – which all served to offer a personal, passionate and advisory service beyond corporate facade.

The complexity of this website lay in the sheer number of products that needed to be well categorised and easily updatable by the staff in the shop. We succeeded in every way and so did they.

Reppin and Jones jewellers website

Reppin & Jones website and shop

Website shop with content management system that staff can update themselves