Rebranding DSDM: Growing as a global leader in promoting business agility, DSDM was a consortium with a changing mission, the new name ‘Agile Business Consortium’ and bold new brand was needed.

agile business consortium brand 840x440

The Challenge

It was a challenge and welcome opportunity to create a new brand identity for the globally known and respected organisation DSDM. The brief was complex in that the DSDM shared the name of their consortium with that of a project delivery framework that was developed over 20 years ago; the Dynamic systems development method (DSDM). The problem was twofold: It wasn’t a method that only they used and owned; secondly, over two decades, a method initially used only as a software development method, has vastly evolved to encompass a Framework for whole Business change and Agility.

The outcome

We had a tight deadline to first create the brand and then find a way to boldly launch it at the UKs annual premier conference for professionals in this industry. Creative Heads created a bold and striking brand that spoke itself the principles of Agile business practice – that of journey, energy and breakthrough. At the event, the logo was revealed in a cinematic identity animation. Once the big reveal was in done, we made sure that all supporting brand materials were in place – with all the rules and guidance to move forward and build on the new brand.


Deliverables include:

  • Striking new brand
  • Logo sting animation
  • Presentation and scripting consultation
  • Launch website
  • Branded Print (stationery, folder, products etc)
  • Brand Guide / Typographic Guide
  • Hero Banners / Slides for web and social media
  • Icons, graphics, diagrams and illustrations
  • Programme inserts
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