Creative Heads was appointed by Databac Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of ID systems, to develop a new website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the UK and Spain.


The Challenge

Previously the Databac Group had English and Spanish websites that were very product-focused. This was fine for selling basic off-the-shelf products such as Card Printers, ID Cards, Lanyards and Biometric products where the customer knew exactly what they wanted. But Databac wanted to target larger organisations that required a custom ‘solution’ or a ‘system’ – they needed to be seen as a solution provider and not just a product supplier. 

The outcome

The Creative Heads website design team removed the ecommerce system and product details from the old websites as there would eventually be a separate product site for online sales.

The new website design focused on specific solutions such as Access Control or Time and Attendance. In addition the website design and SEO made it easy to search by specific industries such as Prisons, Education, Hotels or Cruise Liners. The result was a stronger brand image and simpler navigation that would generate more enquiries from large organisations.

Identify website visitors and how they use it

Simply put, website analytics is the investigation of online behaviour in order to improve it.

Visitor Heat Maps

We can agree that well crafted website design and SEO is optimised to drive users to a website that is clear, engaging and well ordered. It is a given that the aim is to get your visitors to not just view your product/services (hits) but also to buy/engage with your product/company (conversions). Maximising the conversion rate is key to the game. So how do you know if your website design and SEO is doing just that? That’s where analytics is invaluable.

We use various tools to analyse key performance indicators of the effectiveness of a website design to a business. Tools like heat maps show how visitors are using a website by visually mapping their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour.

databac website heatmap analytics and feedback

Visitor Identification

Website Analytics can give us the following invaluable information:

  • Number of page views and time spent on a website page
  • Traffic sources; which search engine; keywords and referral sites that bring the most traffic
  • Number of unique visitors to your website
  • The path visitors take through the various pages of the website
  • Know your visitors. In many cases, we can identify the organisations and location of website visitors