Video Content Marketing is taking off!

Online video is taking off – changing the world of content marketing, increasing conversions and satisfying people’s needs for information and entertainment.  The potential to reach new customers with video marketing has increased exponentially and the ability to capture dynamic aerial shots has become simpler with the use of drones.  The Guardian’s Chris Trimble writes that one in three Britons views at least one video a week – in other words, a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone.  We have captured this opportunity for exposure, helping Southeastern reach some 150,000 views and over 450 social actions with their latest campaign “Days Out Ideas”.  The tools of social media and vlogging allow us to choose the location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace and education of your target audience – ensuring your brand identity receives the publicity it deserves and assuring you maximum return on investment.

Here are the latest video projects Creative Heads have worked on for Southeastern and West Kent College.

southeastern-vlogging-campaignWhat can you see or do on a day out around the Southeastern network? Well, there’s shopping, exploring, sport, history, food and drink, kids activities, student activities, beaches and art on offer.  We were asked to create a number of short viral videos to explore things to do, encouraging people to go out and have an adventure of their own.  We produced easy-to-digest friendly videos to showcase some “Days Out Ideas” offering people different experiences to enjoy.  We have been using drones to capture aerial shots in the videos giving a more dynamic, interesting spin on the opportunities that surround us.

west-kent-college-vlogging-campaignGetting students interested in further education can sometimes be quite challenging – even more so when the college marketing team is competing against so many other colleges and universities, many of whom have an established reputation.  West Kent College asked the Creative Heads team to get their hands dirty in the mechanics department and help to showcase and encourage people to enrol on their course.  We produced a viral video to show that a car mechanic course is not just about sticking your head under the bonnet, but it can also be extremely rewarding and great fun.