Analytics to accurately identify website visitors

18 October 2014,   By ,   0 Comments

Generate sales leads for a genuine return on your investment – Website profitability doesn’t come purely from making a website highly visible in Google (whether through natural or paid advertising) – initially it comes from analysis and refinement.  There are many that claim to boost traffic and get you ranked higher in search engines – and sure enough they may do.  But how relevant are the visitors to your site and does it generate enough new business to justify the expenditure?  Do they tell you the actual names of organisations visiting your site?  Or do they simply send you pages of data and IP addresses for you to decipher?

At Creative Heads our analytics and web marketing experts specialise in stopping clients wasting their advertising budgets.  We help them to analyse how visitors interact with their website and more importantly, identify the names of the companies visiting the website.  If 100 people visit a website but only one makes contact then something is wrong. We will take you through the process from ‘poor enquiries’ to ‘too many enquiries’ – a problem occurs frequently.